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Promote Academic Excellence Without Political Bias

We must promote classroom instruction of high academic standards without political bias. We should focus on innovative academic programming that prepares all students for the future.


Strengthen Parents' Rights

As a trustee, John will never undermine the rights of parents or shut them out of KISD decision-making. He will work hard to strengthen parent-educator relationships.


Support Educators and Staff

John aims to reward educators and staff for their hard work, dedication, and investment in our children. We must make sure they have the compensation and tools necessary to complete their jobs. We must also make sure schools have the ability to maintain and attract talent.


Keep Campuses and Kids Safe

We must continue to take decisive action and do whatever is necessary to protect our families and students. This includes enhancing safety measures to protect our students and campuses from drugs/vaping and other security threats.


Protect Taxpayers Through Data-Driven Budgeting

The buck stops at the Board to create a responsible budget and we can do this with continued principled strategic planning. We need a business-minded member like John who will make every dollar count and close the budget deficit.


Promote Community Feedback

KISD stakeholders should always be encouraged and welcome at all Board meetings. Their input is key to our accountability and success.

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